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  • 22 юли 2013, 11:09 ч.

Michael Jackson's Neverland - Once Upon a Time

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Засега май се отменя .... заради братята  https://eu.freep.com/story/entertainment/music/2018/06/13/michae … etroit/695488002/

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Debra Willis talks about her friendship with Michael Jackson

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Поздрав с изпълнението на Уакаба Хигучи от Dreams on Ice 2018
Своеобразна хореография но ми харесва много как самата Уакаба видимо се кефи на музиката.

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Чудесна идея https://www.mjvibe.com/wheres-wally-sorry-wheres-michael-jackson/

Everyone knows the books “Where’s Wally” where you have to find a specific character in a picture full of people. Well, here comes “Where’s Michael Jackson”!

A publishing company in Canada/US called Igloo Books will be releasing a 24 pages book of drawings like the ones for Wally but the character you will have to find is… Michael Jackson!

What a great idea! Always thought they should do something like that and here it is!

The pages will go from Thriller to Neverland Ranch themed deco and still have to find MJ in them!

The book will be released in November 6, 2018 but already on pre-order in Amazon Japan and Canada for around CDN$ 12.99

Here some of the pages:

и още един проект
 https://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2018/07/19/1834934/bts-in … l-jackson-tribute

MANILA, Philippines — Korean pop sensation BTS and Chinese singer Luhan were invited by Jerry Greenberg, the former president of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson’s music company MJJ Music and now the chairman of 769 Entertainment, to take part in the music legend’s 60th birthday project.

In a video uploaded online, Jerry said he is working on a song in celebration of Michael’s 60th birthday.

“I'm currently working on a very special song to be announced on August 29th in celebration of Michael's 60th birthday. Michael continues to influence artists from around the world so I've been inviting some of the biggest global artists to take part in this very special project including BTS and Luhan,” he said.

Jerry wants to keep Michael’s legacy alive for many generations to come as “This project celebrates Michael's contribution to music and dance.”
According to BTS’ entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment, however, the group cannot participate in the tribute project due to tight schedule.

“However, it is unfortunately difficult for the group to participate as their album is being released soon and they have concerts for their world tour ahead,” said Big Hit Entertainment.

Nonetheless, the entertainment company said: “It is a great honor to have even received this request.”

Поздрав и от мен 

Последна редакция: пт, 20 юли 2018, 19:40 от valya61

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Няма нищо ново за нас ,  но се развълнувах, че са написали статия  и дано имат много посещения в сайта
 How Michael Jackson Shed Light on Global Poverty  и дано имат много посещения в сайта

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От новия състезателен сезон на  фигуристите - Alessia Tornaghi

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Happy Birthday to my dear friend Michael Jackson!
I remember the day this picture was taken very well.I just arrived from Paris with Haute Couture outfits from John Galliano,Givenchy by Riccardo Tischi and Balmain by Christophe Decarnin.We were waiting for the creative team to arrive to the meeting and Michael asked me to dance with him! I said to Michael I am very sorry I cannot dance,I do not know how to moonwalk or robot walk.Michael very gently laughed and whispered in my ear you forgot I am Michael Jackson, I can take you to your dance floor at home and dance a classic waltz.Can you imagine to dance a classic waltz with Michael Jackson .Wow!It was a magic and beautiful day that I will never forget.
No words can say how much I miss you Michael and how much I Love you.
You will be so proud today to see your incredibly beautiful talented children-your supermodel ,divine beauty daughter Princess Paris @parisjackson handsome Prince @parisjackson and adorable Prince Michael Jackson ||.Forever darling!#michaeljackson #happybirthday #moonwalk #waltz #johngalliano #givenchy #riccardotisci #balmain #christophedecarnin #hautecouture #paris #parisjackson #princejackson #princemichaeljackson|| #love #forever #beautifulfamily #thekingofpop #rushkabergman #biglove


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Като  прочетох валс  се сетих за Щраус фамилията  и другите виенски валси , та от Линц днес видях това Anton Skoficz . Тази програма на Антон му е от миналия сезон но си е запазил и за това състезание в новия сезон. За жалсто диджея  в залата не чух да пуска Майкъл но пък не един път чух Утни то му опростих почти пропуска. Тези двамата как можаха толкоз рано да ни напуснат  Confused.
29-и си го отбелязах с много Майкълска музика.

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Евгений Пожанов от Беларус преди малко в ледената арена в Каунас.

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The Advice Michael Jackson Gave Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about shooting a commercial with Michael Jackson when she was a kid, meeting Bubbles the chimpanzee, the advice that Michael gave her, and reveals what it was like attending Thanksgiving at Neverland Ranch.

Recording What More Can i Give

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Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' named most inspiring album of all time
https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/lifestyle/michael-jackson-t … vey-a8537866.html

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Heart such a beautiful photo, captures Michael's spirit and love for children so perfectly Heart
...waiting for that interview with John Isaac

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