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"IF THE WORLD DIDN'T SUCK, WE'D ALL FALL OFF!---I love that!!!!!! Simple Smile)) . . . HATE SOMETHING - CHANGE SOMETHING!!! . . . . . Hi, I'm Roza and I work full time as an Artist and journalist specialising in all matters Autism. I also give talks on Autism and creativity and have done some work as art consultant... English is my second language. I've learnt English at 19 by memorising dictionary pages - I didn't know any other way (and I had no choice as NOBODY in Britain at the time would answer to me in Russian Simple Smile) . . . Recently, I've been busy lobbying the Gov. for the need for new artist-led (art and music based) provision for people on the Autistic spectrum as a stepping stone to help them into study and work. Because we could do with a programme that works if we're to avoid crisis as a society in the near future... My family was put through hell for a year by some ignorant people in Social Services who FALSELY attributed the difficulties my son had to "emotional abuse" at home. We were exonerated by my son's recent diagnosis of having Autistic traits which is biological in nature and NOT due to any "emotional abuse". My son has Asperger's. He still has not received any help with his behaviour or socialising difficulties ...... I now make it my business to spread awarenes of Autistic Spectrum conditions. I'm currently the only-known film-maker, writer, composer and female Artist with Asperger's in the UK. I'm also dyslexic (part of Autism) and I hear "in colour".... I'm no different to all the Moms out there - I want the best for my children and I want a safer environment for them to grow up in. I have 2 lovely boys who are my life.... I used to feel that I don't "belong" anywhere, like I've NEVER fitted in and often wished I wasn't alive...... But that was before I discovered that I have Asperger's (AUTISM WITHOUT LEARNING DISABILITIES but NOT A LIGHTER FORM - THERE'S NOTHING LIGHT ABOUT ASPERGER'S!) and met others like me....... They are usualy very creative individuals, like Artists, composers, writers, poets, photographers, film-makers, University professors, scientists, the bright stars of maths and physics - all of them are people consumed by their creative passions. That's how I've learnt to survive, too. My creative output is what drives me and also enables me to survive and function in a sane way ...... Simple Smile all I can say is Thank God for the Internet! I used to think I was the only "weirdo" on the planet (I didn't think that but that's how I was often treated) and now I find that there is an ARMY of us out there!!!!!!!....... On the subject of AUTISM, I say, DON'T MAKE A HITLER OUT OF A CANARY: yeah, yellow Birds are "different" - it doesn't make them WRONG!..... AUTISTIC people are "different" - it doesn't mean we are somehow less just because the WORLD DOESN'T UNDERSTAND! .. LOL Simple Smile)))))))) ............................................................................ THIS IS AN AUTISM AWARENESS CAMPAIGN VIDEO:

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Историята на енда жена с аспергер

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Моля някой да го преведе Praynig Praynig Praynig

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На видеото е моми4ето с аспергер тя пее
историята и е 4е е руски емигрант от 1990г живее в англия. В момента се занимава с  музика и е журналист говрител за Autism and creativity.У4и англииски когато е на 19 като запаметявала странижите от ре4ници защото не е знаела друг на4ин за у4ене на езк .....
Омъжена е и ина 2 деца от които едното е с аспергер
Имала е много трудно детство, самата тя казва 4е ко не е била маика и наи вероятно е щяла да бъде затворена в социално заведение защото е вила много агресивна.

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